• 4 Pack WS_Aluminum_Oak
  • 4 Pack WS_Aluminum_Grey PLAM
  • 4 Pack WS_Aluminum_White PLAM
  • 4 Pack WS_Aluminum_Oak
  • 2 Pack WS_Aluminum_Oak
  • 2 Pack WS_Aluminum_Grey PLAM
  • 2 Pack WS_Aluminum_White PLAM

Aluminum Leg Benching

Build your own


The slim and delicate profile of the Aluminum Leg belies its sturdiness. Drawn from elements of early modernist architecture, it creates a sophisticated statement in any environment. 

Legs can be shared between back-to-back workstations and side-to-side. 2-User workstations share 4 Aluminum Legs, 4-User configurations share 6 legs, 6-User configurations share 8 legs and 8-User configurations share 10 legs.

Two-Pack Specs

    • Table Style: Benching Station
    • Leg Style: Aluminum
    • Leg Material: Die Cast Aluminum 
    • Leg Finish: Matte Black Powder
    • Top Material: Matte Laminated Exposed Edge Baltic Birch or Solid Oak Butcher Block  
    • Dimensions: 59.5”L x 59”W x 29.5”H
    • Leg height: 28″
    • Table Weight: 300 lbs
  • Pricing reflects a freestanding set of 2 desks, back to back (2 users). Additional users can be connected to one another to create a daisy chain effect. If you wish to connect desks for more than 2 users, select one of the larger user options (4, 6 or 8 users). If you do not wish to connect the desks (so the unit is free standing), select multiples of the 2-User item.
  • Actual finish colors may vary from what is depicted on our website.
  • “With Power” vs “Without Power” options: please note that renderings may not be representative of the selected product. Only products purchased “with power” will include a desktop cutout, outlets and 72” cord. Desks purchased “without power” do not have a wire management cutout, outlets or coiled cord.
  • Solid wood tops quoted with random board width typical, unless otherwise noted. Solid wood is a natural material. Expansion, contraction, slight alteration in color, small checks, and minor cupping of boards is all part of the beauty of using a natural material and should be  expected. Though MASHstudios goes to great extent to ensure a high-quality product, they cannot take responsibility for these natural changes that will occur over time.

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